Royal Photographic Society Associateship (ARPS): nearly there!

Last Wednesday found me at Fenton House in Bath, home to the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). I turned up on time with 15 images neatly presented for my associateship (ARPS) application.

I submitted a panel of dance images and sat nervously at the back waiting for my turn. You might think that taking exams gets easier with age – well let me tell you that it doesn’t! A group of five assessors pore over them and you have the feeling that time has almost ground to a halt while they deliberate. In the end my panel was recommended for an ARPS which means that it’s very likely to succeed but still needs final approval from the RPS Council and Distinctions Advisory Board. The performance images are shown in this blog and were taken over a period of 3 years at ballet performances in London and Bristol. I’m hugely grateful to the wonderful dancers and choreographers whose work I photographed, to the theatrical agents who gave me access to dress rehearsals and photocalls and to my good friend John Hudson with whom I have shared my photographic journey in dance (and who did most of the driving!). I hope that you like the pictures and continue to read my blog.

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