A Trip to Death Valley

The hottest place on earth – that’s Death Valley! Although thankfully not when we were there. My trip there with three fellow photographers was part of a bigger jaunt which also took in Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

We’d hired a giant Chevy Tahoe which I threw round bends at every opportunity. There are so many good things to photograph in this part of the United States and we grabbed as many of them as we could in the golden hours around dawn and dusk. The scenery is dramatic and parts of the landscape are littered with decayed vehicles – the Americans just leave them there to rot which makes for good photographs. Most of my photography is about photographing dancers and photographic models so travel gives me a perfect opportunity to capture wonderful landscapes and in some places (Myanmar for example – see previous blog) people¬†instead. I fully intend to write some more blogs on Zion National Park, the slot canyons in Arizona and Las Vegas so please keep following my blog and let me know what you think. Happy reading.

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