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03 Nov: Dance in the Studio

Dance photography really ticks all the boxes for me! I enjoy working in photographic and dance studios as well on location. I love the interaction with dancers: their athleticism, power and elegance. I'm now moving into a new phase of dance photography using such techniques as infrared, luminance editing, adding textures and motion blur. I also plan to find some new and challenging locations in which to portray the beauty of the dancers that I have been privileged to work with as well as some new ones. Thank you to Celeste, Rachel. Abby, Drew, Josh and those whose names I've omitted. So today I thought I would show a few studio images that haven't featured before in my blog. I hope that you like these images. Please keep reading, tell others about my blog and website and please let me have your comments.
Ilaria at Arnos Vale

27 Sep: Moody Monochrome

I love moody monochrome! It eliminates the distraction of colour and in my view adds impact to portraits. I have been updating a lecture that I am giving to students on the excellent course run by the Bristol Photographic Society. My subject is portraiture, including studio images and this led me to review my portraiture from the last few years. The images in this blog are a mixture of studio portraits shot with carefully controlled lighting, out and about shots and some creative edits. In one case I took an image of a good mate Damien pictured with our adorable dog Dotty and put it into a derelict background. The result is over-edited but I still like it. There are also two composites set in one case in Arnos Vale Cemetery and Woodchester Mansion in the other. They feature Ilaria, Kate and Paige in Victorian dress. Two shots of photographic models show Lottie crouching in an attic; an image which suggests vulnerability while Ali is pictured in Arnos Vale (again!) and in the studio. There are portraits of Alan, a sometime rough sleeper, a cyclist coasting along a quiet street in Lecce, Southern Italy and the set is completed by an old portrait of John in the studio. In some cases I have used additional tinting. I hope that you like these images. Please keep reading, tell others about my blog and website and please let me have your comments.
The Joy of Dance

02 Nov: The Joy of Dance

Well 2016 has found me as passionate about dance as ever and keen to add more to my portfolio ahead of the forthcoming Royal Photographic Society and Photographic Association of Great Britain distinctions for which I have applied.


08 Sep: Dance like there’s no tomorrow

I just love getting the studio set up in advance of a dance shoot! Last week I had the pleasure of photographing some wonderful dancers – Jude Whitburn from Third Stage in Bristol, Drew Lawrence who has just finished training at the English National Ballet School, Jade Wallace from the Elmhurst Ballet School and Lydia Baker who attends the Royal Ballet School, White Lodge.