New York in Glorious Monochrome

It was October and once again I found myself in New York for a few days on a family trip. Jenny and I experienced the delight of showing off a much-loved destination to Simon, our eldest, Lorna his wife and our lovely grandchildren, Willow and Jake. Simon had brought an old film camera and shot some excellent gritty monochromes and, although my Nikon shoots colour raw files, I decided to edit them in monochrome as well.

The weather was kind to us most of the time and I hope you will agree that the black and white treatment suits pictures of tall buildings, street scenes, the redeveloped Ground Zero site and the public library. New York has its ‘Boris Bikes’ – maybe they had them first! I haven’t added any noise or other texturing to the images. In fact I am trying to avoid over-editing my photographs as much as possible.

I am also working on some infrared shots taken in Death Valley a year ago and will show you some of these in a future blog on that trip.

I do hope that you like my new web site and its associated blog. Happy reading!

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