The End of Another Year: Looking Back at 2015

Rain is hammering down outside as I write and I’ve just read a couple of ‘what I did in 2015’ blogs which prompted me to add one. Some photographic distinctions eluded me in 2015 but I finally completed the paperwork for an AFIAP and enough of my images have now been accepted in international salons for me to apply for the EFIAP in a month or two. I’ll have another go at the PAGB and RPS next year. I have concentrated on capturing images of models and dancers, both in the studio and on location in addition to some photo travel. In February a group of us from the Bristol Photographic Society travelled to Mumbai and Kerala and had a wonderful time photographing Chinese fishing nets, the tea plantations and a host of other things. One Sunday I drove down to Margam Castle near Port Talbot while the Kaya Festival was winding up and took some shots of Joy Clarke, a wonderful dancer who I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times.

I’ve used the excellent studio at the Tobacco Factory to shoot dance and have included a couple of images from there, including one of Sarah Sigley which became a Front Page Image (FPI) on Purpleport. Other shoots with Amber Tutton, Jen Somerfield and Ali Barkley produced images that I feel represent what I’m trying to achieve; Amber’s was also an FPI.

Finally two images from a genre that I’ll be doing a lot of next year – artistic nude on location. These are of the amazing Lulu Lockhart who brings great passion and creative skills to her work. I have hundreds of images from recent shoots to work on now the the Christmas rush is over. Thank you for reading my blog. Your constructive comments are always welcome. Best wishes for the New Year.

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